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Our flagship, high-end line of Etniciti products.


A big girl bag adorned with crystal. Enjoy!

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Green, pretty and blingy. 
Icee Icee

Blinged Ice queen when you want to show and shine!    
Beki Beki

Loud designs aren't classy? Our Beki bag begs to differ. Adorned with crystals and a number of loud patterns, this bag is ready to walk with you success. Part of our LUXE collection.
Fumi clutch Fumi clutch

One of our best selling Etniciti Luxe handbags! we hope you like fuminas much as we do!

Welcome to Etniciti’s Luxe Collection, featuring adorned clutches perfect for classy dinners, functions, and more. The sharp EVITA clutch features gems all over! Under the blanket of stones lay abstract streaks of orange, yellow, and grey, an explosive contrast from its black backcloth. This sharp-edge clutch features a gold top...