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Fashion Forward Style : Summer Tips

Fashion Forward Style : Summer Tips

Summer is a wonderful time of the year. It may get too hot and in order to keep up your fashion forward style all summer you must plan your wardrobe wisely. Avoid dark colors which may trap heat and keep you over heated. Bright colors and are not only pretty , they are also efficient is keeping you cool all summer long. Whites and other light colors can be accentuated with any other darker colors that you like, in form of shoes hand bags and earrings.


In terms of fabrics, linen and cotton are top...

Welcome to Etniciti

Welcome to Etniciti

Welcome to Etniciti’s new home on the web. We’re excited to have you here.

We have two goals:

1. To empower a generation of independent African artisans through our online sales.

2. To help you express your Etniciti through bold, expressive accessories for the fashion-forward woman.

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