From The Source; Authentic African Gems

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From The Source; Authentic African Gems

Our heritage, our style.

We wanted to proudly showcase the beautiful and bright colors of African culture and fashion, to expose these hidden gems, in the form of lovely handbags to the world, while supporting the hardworking artisans who craft them.Just a couple of years into this journey, we can proudly say we are taking intentional steps to accomplish our goals.We source our fabrics , design our handbags , which are then lovingly crafted by local bag makers.

Yes, our African hand bags are actually made in Africa; they are authentic, each handbag helps an independent artisan to and take care of their family. We strive to make sure that their artistry and the talent that goes into each bag is appreciated.We choose our colors and patterns with care, because we want to provide an array of colors and patterns, so that every fashion forward woman can find her handbag soulmate in our collection.

From abstract designs to florals,animal prints, and stripes, we have a variety to meet your needs.What we wear dictates how we present ourselves to the world, and let us tell you, there is no need to hold back. Allow your accessories to speak volumes to your roots and what you stand for. Etniciti provides you an array of items that you won’t even have to think twice about carrying to the office, wearing at an event, or even wearing it at the house.you are beautiful and deserve to let the world know who you truly are

Let Etniciti help you tell that story.






 Anytime, anywhere — Rock your Etniciti.




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