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Stara is truly a star! Our poppin' pink messenger bag is one of our most popular items because of its originality, which you'll only find at Etniciti. Stara's adjustable strap can be made longer and shorter at your liking, or simply put inside the bag to make for a hand-held....
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Mini Odina Shoulder Bag Mini Odina Shoulder Bag

$45.00 $50.00
Meet Odina! This shoulder bag shows how an abstract design can turn any outfit into a classy get up. Its simple streaks of light pink beautifully compliment the plum background, making Odina easy to match with clothing and even easier to Rock Your Etniciti !
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African Lucy Messenger Bag (Small) African Lucy Messenger Bag (Small)

$52.00 $58.00
We love Lucy! Our messenger's pastel stripes remind us of a garden, while the smaller, more intricate black and orange stripes along with the cream-colored bands, are like a picnic basket. Our Kente inspired messenger bag speaks volumes without saying a word. Lucy makes it easy to Rock Your Etniciti! Handcrafted by...

A big girl bag adorned with crystal. Enjoy!
African Yina Messenger Bag (Small) African Yina Messenger Bag (Small)

Yina is a force to be reckoned with! This piece is the best of both worlds, black and white. With a pattern like a cobblestone path, Yina is great to help the wearer go on her way. Rustic and beautiful. Rock Your Etniciti! Handcrafted by independent African artisans, using high...
African Amina Messenger Bag (Small) African Amina Messenger Bag (Small)

Amina is our artsy messenger bag, with its complex design reminding of us of the world that surrounds us. Green, gold, and blue hues--where the land meets the ocean. Made from African-wax print fabric, Amina is ready to accompany anyone to any event and help you Rock Your Etniciti! Handcrafted...