our story

Empowering a generation of independent African artisans and assisting fashion forward women to look great

We are two sisters, born and raised in Nigeria. We grew up around the beautiful Ankara, Adire, Akwete, and other fabrics that are synonymous with traditional African clothing. These fabrics are captivating and bold. In many ways, they literally represent the beautiful soul, and proud spirit of the women who serve as the backbone of their communities. These expressive prints can be seen in wrappers, blouses, dresses and head wraps. We incorporated them into our everyday style; the comments and compliments from friends and even perfect strangers reaffirmed our belief that these pieces were truly gems. We formed our company, Etniciti, to share our love and passion for these beautiful items that we design, and to satisfy the fashion forward woman. And the best part…

Our products are handcrafted by independent African artisans, most of whom are women microentrepreneurs.

By purchasing our products, you support them too. Your orders help sustain their businesses which in turn enables them to support their families. This makes it possible for them to afford many of the things we take for granted such as sending a child to school, or paying for medical expenses. Our bulk orders not only help their businesses, but also encourage their artistry and enable them to live each day with purpose. Their thriving businesses empower them individually, and collectively they empower their communities. There are no middlemen. Etniciti brings you these quality goods at affordable prices; directly from them to you!

About Our Company

Based in Lagos Nigeria, and Fort Lauderdale FL, Etniciti merges the vibrant, vivid colors and bold patterns of traditional African prints with modern stylish accessories to produce beautiful and unique pieces destined for the fashion-forward woman’s closet. We design our own products carefully choosing the fabrics and patterns to include Adire (tie and dye), Ankara (traditional African wax print), Kente (traditional Ghanaian print), Batik, and other traditional African cloths. From handmade bags, bangles, earrings, headwraps, and more, you will be certain to find the perfect accessory to express your unique style and transform your outfits. We welcome you to the Etniciti family.