Rock Your Etniciti!

Our styles are so versatile, you can dress them up or down! This customer favorite has a unique fashion forward look when paired with accenting bright vibrant colors! 

The Etniciti Brand...

Take two vibrant, outgoing sisters, born and raised in Nigeria. Couple that with the beautiful Ankara, Adire, Akwete and other fabrics that are synonymous with traditional African prints...and Etniciti is brought to life.

The materials & fabrics used are captivating and bold. In many ways, they literally represent the beautiful soul and proud spirit of the women who serve as the backbone of their communities.  

These expressive prints are given life in wrappers, blouses, dresses, bags & clutches, jewelry, and head wraps.  

When incorporated them into your everyday style, the comments and compliments from friends and even perfect strangers reaffirm our belief that these pieces are truly gems.  

Etniciti the brand was born from the passion to share our love afor these beautiful and unique, authentic items that we design to satisfy the fashion forward woman with an appreciation for beauty, quality, and the expressions of their beautiful origin; more

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