This is our big 'why' this is what drives our passion. We firmly believe that trade not just aid, is what will impact more lives in the beautiful continent of Africa. We are grateful and humbled to be a small part of this movement.

We see the transformation in the lives of our crafters as our business continues to positively impact their lives and their communities.

We engage them, providing guidance, encouragement and necessary feedback so they can continue to refine and elevate their art. By empowering them, they produce the quality products that people have come to associate with our brand. They also begin to understand how to empower themselves and build a thriving business by doing what they love.

We source materials locally supporting the local merchants, then our beautiful products are carefully hand crafted by talented and dedicated artisans who own their own businesses (microprenuers). Our hand bags provides an outlet for their creativity, a source of income and best of all, the satisfaction as an artist, of knowing that the product they made is touching lives many many miles away from home.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, so goes the saying. In this case the journey is more than 7,000 miles long. Starting from a town in South east Nigeria, all the way to one of the oldest wineries in the USA, in Sonoma California; our handbags do travel!

From Lagos Nigeria to Miami Florida, and to bill boards in New York, London and Milan, the success of our brand reaches right back to our bag makers.

This is a win- win for our customers our bag crafters and our brand. Our wonderful customers by purchasing from us are transforming their outfits and looking good while doing good.