Fall Fashion Trends With Etniciti Style

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Fall Fashion Trends With Etniciti Style

Hello September, FALL is here and we're pretty excited about what folks are wearing for Fall 2021. It looks like Western style has caught up to West African winter trends.

What's the trend? That you can shine bright any day of the year!

Fall has typically been a dull season in fashion because of the materials we use to stay warm, but the fashion folk have been pushing the envelope. They've figured out a way to stay stylish, bright and warm at the same time.

There's lots of bright colors trending this Fall with the color lavender high on the list of hues. Keep reading to get a quick look at some of these eye-catching trends and YES they pair well with Etniciti handbags and accessories. #Etnicitistyle


1. Lavender

Supermodel Mikai Akei

Lavender has been trending in African prints for over a decade and again Western fashion is taking a cue. Wearing a solid lavender color with a pop of print (like our favorite model @supermodel_mikai is showcasing from a shoot we did a little bit ago), is more more than a head turner. Lavender dresses, scarves and pants (almost anything silky or satin) should find its way to your closet in Fall 2021. Grab a clutch like hers in the Etnicit online boutique to pair up with your new fits.


2. Long Cardigans

Long Cardigans are going to be a Fall favorite in 2021. It's the perfect way to add pizazz to a simple outfit composed of pants, jeans, shorts or a long skirt. It depends on your mood, but we think long cardigans pair well with an Etniciti clutch or satchel. Are you going for modern-chic or modern-hipster? Whatever the #stylechoice, don't forget your accessories are what give your style the edge it craves.


3. Classy Comfort With Loose Fit Denims

Remember when all the trends pointed to super tight Kim Kardashian fitted clothing? Some days you just want to be comfortably beautiful and comfortably chic. Amen?! Amen. Well apparently, the #stylegods finally agree. There's loose fitting denims everywhere this Fall Season, which means there's plenty of room for your Long John's underneath to stay warm. Our favorite hand bag and accessories for a classy yet comfortable denim look...Etniciti print earrings, bangles and a satchel.


4. Sweater Vests & Shirts

Sweater Vests & Shirts are so 90's, but then again they're so 70's, 40's and who knows what other time period. While this is a #vintage look, the fashion icons are daring to do things a little differently these days. Plain clothing DOES NOT have to be paired with plain accessories. Prints on top of prints are a MUST in 2021.  You can innovate old style in a modern way, African prints all day baby! Show them how it's done and #rockyouretnicitigirl.

5. Sequin

Etniciti Fall Fashion Trends 2021

Sequin has been on the rise for quite some time now. It got a bad rap after the 70's and 80's. People took a long pause from it in the 90's, but in the early 2000's sequin started making a splash here and there. What we love about sequin in Fall 2021 is the way it show's up in unsuspecting colors and styles. Who knew lavender would look so beautiful in sequin as a "modern woman on the move" top! 

We know what you're thinking for sequin...can this still pair well with Etniciti's African prints? But of course! Take one of our clutches from the #EtnicitiLuxeCollection and bam! you've got yourself one outstandingly chic and modern look. 


To start shopping these looks just click on the links above or browse around our site. If you take our advice, send us a pic on Instagram, we'd love to share your look with our Etniciti tribe.

Are you a designer? Do you have a clothing boutique? We'd love to partner together on an upcoming style choice newsletter. Send me an email to get started!



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